"In the Fall of 1999, I had business relationships with approximately 25 recruitment/placement firms from all over the country,  including a handful that we favored.  Out of the blue,
Bert called me offering his services.  As Bert likes to remind me, I smugly responded that I had all the help I needed and that "most headhunters aren't worth a s--- anyway."  Undeterred and with the persistence I now know him to possess, Bert asked for a chance anyway.  (I think he had some snappy response like "If you feel that way, your present recruiters must not be very good.")  The rest, as they say, is history.......Over the past three years, Bert has risen from nuisance, to making the long list of our recruiters, to making the short list, to becoming our exclusive recruiter for partner level candidates.  In fact, I view Bert as my partner in our considerable efforts to fuel the growth of our firm.  Bert is invaluable to us - not only in identifying high caliber candidates and helping us land them but also as counselor and advisor to us as we develop and achieve our strategic recruitment goals.......Bert's dedication, hard work, loyalty, friendship and good humor have taught me how wrong I was in my first off-the-cuff remark to him more than three years ago (although I still find ways to verbally torture him!).  Bert's performance on behalf of our law firm has been absolutely exemplary in every way...... Now, I don't see how we could achieve our goals without him."  Hiring Partner, major midwest law firm of over 200 attorneys.

     "One of the best things about working with Bert is that he not only takes the time to understand our firm culture, philosophy and recruiting goals, delivers well screened, qualified candidates, and provides great follow-up, but he's a pleasure to work with -- always courteous, tactful and responsive."  Recruiting Coordinator, regional law firm in St. Louis.

     "As always, we appreciate your assistance in conjunction with our efforts to locate and employ well qualified lateral applicants.  Another job well done!"  Recruiting Coordinator, large law firm in Salt Lake City.

     "As you know, this was my firm's first experience in hiring through a recruiting firm..... I found it a pleasure working with you and if I were to work with a recruiting firm in the future, I would definitely consider yours."  Managing Partner, small Seattle law firm.

     "I sincerely appreciated Bert's honesty.  When facts were not as they had first been presented, Bert called me immediately to apologize and to explain the situation.  As a result, we ended up hiring the candidate and she has been a great addition."  Recruiting Coordinator of Washington, D.C. office of national law firm.

     "Thanks for bringing us such a wonderful candidate on our Labor & Employment position, and for all your help in landing him."  Recruiting Coordinator, large regional law firm in Boston.

     "Bert brings us candidates he's done an outstanding job of prescreening as to their motivation, fit, experience and character.  He is invaluable in landing top quality candidates to help us achieve our goals."  Hiring Partner, major Salt Lake City law firm.

     "All the candidates Bert brings us rave about him -- his enthusiasm, his passion, his professionalism, and most importantly, that he really cares about them as people, not just as someone he can place to make a fee."  Managing Partner, midsize law firm in Detroit.

     "Bert does a great job of bringing us outstanding partner level candidates, and his involvement throughout the process is very helpful in landing them.  He is our recruiting partner in our efforts to grow by adding partners with significant portables that compliment what we do."  Hiring Partner, regional law firm in Louisiana.

     "The candidates Bert brings us are almost always ones we're interested in talking to.  He doesn't waste our time with candidates who are too far off the mark.  We also find that once we begin discussions with them, Bert has done such a great job of enlightening them as to our firm culture, growth philosophy and objectives we're trying to reach by adding a lateral with their book of business, that it really streamlines the process in deciding whether we have a potential fit."  Name Partner, midsize Detroit law firm.

     "Bert has quickly risen to the top of my list of favorite recruiters.  The consistent quality of candidates he brings us is amazing."  Recruiting Coordinator,  regional law firm in Seattle.